Self Defence

Gayatri Pariwar Youth Group (GPYG)

Nari jagran abhiyan
– To make Women well-educated, Cultured, self-sufficient, well-developed & make them aware about responsibilities and to the realization of fundamental rights. Establish equal law, neither male dominate/neglect nor female arbitrariness.


1. Keep alive law of equality.

2. Maintain Complacency and balance in the family.

3. Holistic development of next generation.

4. Balanced Economic Development.

5. Raise the base of righteous feeling and tendencies.

All the women in this world should realize their rights, power & their need of involvement on emotional development of society. Awakened women can produce great/ideal person for society. The progress of all over the places is slow and loosing emotional touch due to less involvement of women. This course will touch those points and help a women understanding her role for society/family building.