Gayatri Pariwar Youth Group (GPYG)

One of the major project initiated by Gayatri Pariwar is propagating “Vysan Mukti’ as one of the synergetic field is health awareness. No amount of medical advice, family’s protest, prohibition laws, etc can have the kind of impact which spiritual treatment has…. Because, spirituality bears upon the core of the inner self which is the source and ultimate regulator of all mental tendencies and sentimental instincts.

GayatriPariwar extensively distributes books on VysanMukti and moral awakening which helps for deaddiction to identify the addict, suggest easy points to quit the smoking & alcohol.

Power pointpresentation on Vysan Mukti are available.

We also organise a drama (NUKKAD NATAK) on VysanMukti which can be performed in different corporate groups & peripheral areas

Special Pragya songs (INSPIRATIONAL SONGS) can also inspire victims to quit the addiction.

ayatriPariwar also teaches on meditation, pranayama techniques to quit addiction.

Conduct Mass rally (walking / cycle) to bring enhance awareness and participation among the masses.